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SFL-2000P1 Control Unit



According to CD AGES (current? owner of this unit) "Dreamcast Model SFL-2000P1 Control Unit. These were designed to run "Hundred Swords" at select Sega Centers in Japan." Considering the "SFL" model, the microphone input, and how it resembles an unpolished Sega Fish Life I feel like these were just Sega Fish Life test units that were re-purposed.


It looks like it has a standard Dreamcast motherboard. A/V connector goes to the video out PCB. Serial connector goes to a serial port PCB with what look like some voltage level converters to work with RS232. There's a separate Maple Bus board that looks like it has the IC used in Dreamcast controllers, which is connected to that SIP board. The Maple Bus board is also connected to the DIP switch PCB, it looks like DIP switch PCB also has some buttons.


Cross Products? adapter board to go from the GD-ROM drive PCB (XU937) to the drive assembly? The SIP PCB is the same microphone board used with Seaman etc.


Motherboard has a 1998 date, so it should be a VA0.


Still has some internal controller ports under the motherboard?


Super phat side tray disc drive.


At least two units exist, no idea who has this second one. Label doesn't look like the type they use for their end products. No voltage, Hz, or wattage ratings. Note the holes for buttons in a similar arrangement to those on the Sega Fish Life.


Serial, microphone jack (from SIP), VGA, S-video, composite.




Sega Part Numbers
Name/Description Number Extra
Control Unit SFL-2001P The entire thing itself
Video Output PCB 837-14018  
GD-ROM Drive Adapter PCB? 171-7590D CSPD CRO-TEAM SEGA 1997
SIP (Sound Input Peripheral) MAIN VA0 JPN 171-7691G SEGA 1999
Maple Bus PCB    
Serial Port PCB    
DIP Switch PCB    
Power Supply    
GD-ROM Drive PCB XU937  OTI-9220 PCB
GD-ROM Optical Assy/Drive    
Motherboard   VA0?