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Sega Part No. Manufacturer  Manufacturer Part No. Name/Description Extra
315-1363-MP10 Hitachi/ST/Renesas HD6417091/HD6417091R/HD6417091RA SH7091 MP10 W/O EVA IC101
315-1398 Hitachi/ST/Renesas   SH7091 W/O EVA IC101

If I remember correctly EVA is in regards to some evaluation core, something like that?

According to the service manual the 315-1398 has a 1.95v core and 3.3v I/O. The base SH-4 uses a 1.8v core but boosts it up to 1.95v for 200MHz.

Hitachi Releases HG74C

Process 0.25-micrometers CMOS process. Three to five metal layers
Power-supply voltage

2.5 V +/- 10%



Process 0.18-micrometer CMOS process.
Three or five metal layers
Power-supply voltage

1.8 V +/-0.2V (core),
3.3 V +/-0.3V (I/O)

SH-4 7750 Announced November 1997

Item Specifications
Power supply voltage 1.8 V (internal) / 3.3 V (I/O)
Operating frequency 200 MHz and 167 MHz
Processing speed 360 MIPS/200 MHz, 300MIPS/167 MHz 1.4 GFLOPS/200 MHz
Power consumption 1.5 W (typ.) (at 200 MHz)
Cache configuration 8 kB instructions/16 kB data
On-chip supporting functions MMU, 4 DMAC channels, 2 serial channels, 3 timer channels, real-time clock, memory interface (DRAM/SRAM/synchronous DRAM/burst ROM/PCMCIA), etc.
Bus width 64/32/16/8-bit data bus
Packages 256-pin BGA (200 MHZ) and 208-pin HQFP (167MHz)
Process 0.25-micrometer CMOS process

Hitachi SH-4 Dreamcast Announcement

SH-4 7091 would have been made with technology somewhere between the HG74C and HG75C.