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InvenTree is used to create a Dreamcast hardware database. A database of model numbers, parts, assemblies, variants, and how all of those things relate to each other. Everything can have a picture, attached datasheets, links to documentation, part parameters, notes about the specific thing, etc...

Having this catalog of information can be useful in for repairs, as you could look up a part and what parameters it has to find a suitable replacement. It could be a tool for reverse engineering as being able to see how designs changed overtime or oddball versions can be clues to how things work. It's also just cool!


Major models, parts, or assemblies have a base template which will have the majority of the information about that object. Any variants based off of that template will only contain information about how that object differs from the template. Since InvenTree doesn't support nested templates/variants or any kind of automatic child inheritance this is the best thing I could think of to make things easier to find.

A part number ending in -X* can indicate that the part is an alternate or revision.

On a PCB the number 171-**** is typically the PCB manufacturer/assembler part number.




Documentation (for images)