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Keep Dreaming Project

Overview Development board for the Dreamcast G1 Bus (what the GD-ROM drive is connected to). Su...

Maple Bus Breakout

Keep Dreaming Project

Overview Breakout board for the Dreamcast Maple Bus (what the controllers are connected to). Su...

Contributing to the Keep Dreaming Project

Keep Dreaming Project

Thanks for helping out! This will be a general guide on how to contribute to the project, enjoy! ...


Keep Dreaming Project

Overview The Phabricator instance uses Phabricator for code review, repository hosting, bug trac...


Keep Dreaming Project

Overview InvenTree is used to create a Dreamcast hardware database. A database of model numbers,...


Keep Dreaming Project

Overview BookStack is used as a knowledge base and repository of Dreamcast information. Like Wik...

Official Documentation Metadata

Dreamcast Documentation

Files are analyzed using Tika An easy way to use it is with tika-python...

Official Images and Icons

Dreamcast Documentation

These are all Official Sega Icons/Images


Keep Dreaming Project

Arcanist provides command-line access to many Phabricator tools (like Differential, Files, and ...



Sega Part No. Manufacturer  Manufacturer Part No. Name/Description Extra 315-1363-...

Sega Pluto

Sega Pluto

Pluto (Roger's) I've uploaded some images from the "Fixing the Super Rare Sega Pluto Prototype" ...

Toshiba TLCS-900/H Series 16-Bit Microcontroller

Dreamcast GD-ROM Drive

The TMP95CS66F and TMP95CS64F are used in the Toshiba based GD-ROM drives. Microcontrollers in t...